Finding the Sky is a new shoujo style novel series

The Story:

American high school senior, Ian MacKay, comes to a small Japanese town as an exchange student for his last year of high school. Seeking a quiet place where he will have peace and time to work through some of his problems, he encounters more distractions than he planned on. The novelty of an American in their school causes some of the students to become overly anxious to confess their feelings for him, while others want nothing more than for him to leave. His only measure of comfort comes from his nice host family with a young girl who claims him as a brother, and a small group of friends determined to learn more about him. As Ian tries to settle into life in his new surroundings, there is only one question he has to answer. Was coming to Japan a terrible mistake?

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By: C.E. Self

Copyright 2014. Finding the Sky novel series by C.E. Self. All Rights Reserved.